The Big Comeback: Position Your Brand for Digital China 2023 

Event Details


15 June 
1PM (BST)   
8PM (CST)  
8AM (EDT)  

China’s reopening has led to the swift recovery of the retail sector with sales already beating forecasts in March 2023, reaching a 10.6% increase from last year. 
New market trends have now signalled exciting opportunities for brands – particularly within luxury, where China is on course to dominate 25% of the global market by 2025, estimated at $118.3 billion. 

Now is the time to act! 
This webinar will feature new insights and discussion on where retail is headed next, and how brands can leverage WeChat’s ecosystem to launch the right strategy for China 2023 – empowering them to use recent market changes to accelerate growth. 


Hosted by Dao Insights, our speakers and panel will be covering the latest retail industry insights including a deep dive into key case studies, to reveal how brands can best position themselves through WeChat (Weixin) today. 


Arnold Ma  
Founder @ Dao Insights

Adam Nait  
Head of Digital Engagement @ Saint Laurent
Tips for brands to best navigate the WeChat Ecosystem 

Laura Pan  
Lecturer @ SDA Bocconi
The importance of brand experience and reinvention in China


Leeon Zhu  
APAC Consumer Planning Director @ Diageo 

Anthony Lin  
Head @ WeChat (Weixin) Pay Fashion Division  

Adam Nait  
Head of Digital Engagement @ Saint Laurent  

Mingming Zhao  
Head @ Tencent Smart Retail Beauty and Fashion Division 

Laura Pan  
Lecturer @ SDA Bocconi 

Arnold Ma  
Founder @ Dao Insights

Q&A Session


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