Live Event – Chinese New Year on WeChat

Nailing CNY…

Chinese New Year has long been a festival during which brands seek to build emotional connections with their customers through culturally-fuelled campaigns. This is especially important for luxury brands that have been wooing shoppers with snazzy campaigns and “Year of the Ox” exclusives this year. Unlike many other shopping festivals (think Singles’ Day aka 11-11), this one is full of cultural depth, so Western brands aiming to create culturally-appropriate campaigns might not always get it right. 

…on WeChat

We selected five brands that did an outstanding job in leveraging the WeChat ecosystem to reach their customers. Then we asked how they did culturally? Did these brands strike a chord or strike out? Together we’ll dive into their multi-faceted marketing strategies and analyse why they did – or didn’t – connect with their audience during the most nostalgic time of the year. 

Chatlabs x Qumin BYOB event

Get involved!

In true Bring Your Own Brand style, we ask you to join in the conversation and shape the event with us – rate the campaigns, ask questions, vote in polls, and share your experiences and thoughts with us LIVE. We want to know what YOU think and what you want to know!