Live Event – 2021 Chinese New Year Ads Unpacked

Chinese New Year marks the biggest, most important (not to mention award-winning) campaigns of the year in Asia.

We’ve picked out 5 of the best 2021 CNY ads from across all industries to be scrutinized and unpacked during our live discussion.

Arnold and Tom will watch the ads for the first time, so there’s no hiding their true reactions. After sharing their initial sentiments, they will pick apart each video with you – the audience – to decipher what makes these campaigns hit the mark.

Family, food, traditions, red envelopes, couplets, the ox, ‘fu’, … together we’ll discuss the themes and cultural significance of Chinese New Year presented in the ads.


How BYOB works

BYOB – Bring Your Own Brand – is an interactive livestream unlike any you’ve seen before. The stream is not pre-recorded, there is no being talked at, but expect live interaction that reacts in real time to your questions.

As with all our events, we encourage you to be active, comment your thoughts, ask questions and take part in our live activities and polls.

Bring a friend

Feel free to invite anyone you think would benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of what Chinese consumers expect from brands and how they can stand out during Chinese New Year.

We hope the event will inspire you with ideas for effective campaigns and get you in the mood for Chinese New Year!