Live Event – Understanding China’s ‘She-Economy’ in 2021

How can brands harness China’s ‘She Power’? Explore campaigns targeting female Chinese consumers LIVE with us.

With special guests

  • Bessie Lee – CEO & Founder, Withinlink, Former CEO, WPP China
  • Arnold Ma – CEO & Founder, Qumin

Let’s chat about HER

Want to impress 2021’s Chinese woman?

You’re not alone! There are 682 million women in China currently being inundated with marketing messages. More and more of these are by Chinese brands which, unsurprisingly, understand their target audience very well. In fact, 80% of Tmall’s top new brands in 2020 were focused on female consumer’s needs, all trying to harness the ‘She Power’ 她力量. How can Western brands cut through the noise AND avoid increasing dangers of landmines?

You’ll need some background

Consumer preferences and behaviours of Chinese female consumers are not the same as their counterparts’ in the West. You may already be aware of social pressures, ‘leftover women’, marriage markets, and know about the impacts of the one-child policy. Let’s chat about these, the effects they’ve had, and how consumer and brand conversations have evolved in 2021. Yes, this International Women’s Day saw some campaigns we didn’t think possible a few years ago – let’s discuss a couple of those together.

Tapping into the She-Economy

By highlighting recent brand and platform successes in the sphere, we’ll talk about winning strategies and narratives for 2021 and beyond. Expect juxtapositions of shopping festivals vs meaningful messages. Is there a winning formula? We’ll find out together!

Get involved!

In true Bring Your Own Brand style, we ask you to join in the conversation and shape the event with us – rate the campaigns, ask questions, vote in polls, and share your experiences and thoughts with us LIVE. We look forward to hearing what YOU think and what you want to know! 

The event will also be streamed on Clubhouse in the China Club. Find the CH event here.