Pfizer uses AI to create concert of new Mozart works

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer recently held a concert using artificial intelligence to imagine what Mozart’s music would have sounded like later on in his life. The concert was performed at Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall and was created with the help of Google’s Open AI technology.

The machine network initially learnt a large number of Mozart’s past works and then generated three brand new piano repertoires based on what he would have been likely to compose at the ages of 40, 60 and 80. The technology also used information from piano concertos and symphonies by other famous classical musicians of the time.

The concept of the concert was:

“Mozart died of a bacterial infection at the age of 35. What would it be like if his life were to continue?”

Mozart’s death would have been preventable with modern medicine, and so, the theme was meant to highlight the importance of technology for medical developments. Pfizer also wanted to encourage young people to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry and the resurrection of Mozart was used to show their possible role in preventing the death of future talents.


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