Kuaishou works with UN to help alleviate poverty & hunger in China

Chinese short form video company Kuaishou has signed a strategic partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP). The collaboration aims to address hunger, help alleviate poverty and boost local economies across China.

Kuaishou has already donated more than 120,000 meals to a WFP initiative to help preschool children in Hunan and Guangxi province. According to Kuaishou, more than 25 million people earned an income through the platform last year, among which over 6.5 million people were from China’s poor counties.

The UNWFP is the world’s largest humanitarian organisation and the winner of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.

This is not the first collaboration between a big Chinese company and UN agency this year. In September, food delivery platform Eleme collaborated with the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (UNFAO) to promote a “Zero Food Waste” campaign.


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