Hermès opens its first pop-up fitness centre in Chengdu

Luxury fashion retailer Hermès launched its first offline pop-up fitness centre in China last week. The pop-up ran between 20 and 23 May in Chengdu and could be booked through HermèsFit’s WeChat Mini-Program. Consumers could browse the brand’s creative accessories at the store and join unusual fitness courses, such as square scarf yoga, belt stretching, and hat balancing.

Many customers snapped pictures of their experiences at the pop-up fitness centre – which was dominated by orange, Hermès’s brand colour – and shared them on Xiaohongshu.

Luxury pop-up experiences are becoming increasingly common in China. Gucci opened a restaurant and Tiffany set up a café in Shanghai. However, Hermès turned away from food and drink, and, instead, chose to combine luxury with fitness.

This is not the first time that Hermès has appealed to China’s growing fitness trend. It also launched a HermèsFit exercise tutorial on its WeChat Mini-Program. Fitness products have seen a huge surge in demand since the outbreak of the pandemic which has resulted in an increased awareness of health among the public. 

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