Chinese tourists eager for travel to Japan and Thailand after pandemic

Chinese travel agency Qyer released a report on the travel patterns of Chinese tourists today. We’ve collated some of its key findings:

  • Since March 2020, the views of domestic destination website pages has grown by over 400% each month.
  • 83% of outbound Chinese tourists took domestic trips.
  • As COVID-19 restricted travellers to domestic locations, trips become more frequent with 65.8% of Qyer users taking more than 4 trips in 2020.
  • In terms of travel expenses, 46.3% of users spent more than 30,000 RMB on domestic travel during 2020.
  • Hainan’s warm island resort Sanya became the most popular domestic destination in 2020, followed by Chengdu and Shanghai.
  • COVID-19 has not affected Chinese consumers’ desire to travel more than 70% of Qyer’s users still want to explore the world.
  • The most popular countries for outbound tourism in 2021 are Japan, Thailand, and South Korea, followed by Maldives. Europe is still attractive to Chinese tourists, with Italy, Switzerland, and France also on the top 10 list.

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