Beyond an e-commerce platform: Goofish inspires youth to pursue side jobs

Goofish (also called Xianyu), an e-commerce platform specialising in trading second-hand goods, recently released the “2024 Goofish Trendy Side Jobs Recommendations” list. This list includes 15 popular side jobs and 10 potential side jobs, such as Graduate Entrance Examination consulting, part-time bridesmaids, and errand runners. Goofish has also launched the “Goofish CV” function.

From 2-6 July, users can search for related topics on Goofish and participate in the creation and publication of CVs, giving them a chance to win up to 2,024 RMB (approx. 278.44 USD) worth of side hustle prizes. With graduation season around the corner, Goofish aims to open up more opportunities for young people to work not only in their regular jobs but also in their side hustles, allowing them to earn a small fortune.

Online, Goofish has invited Luo Xiang, a renowned jurist, and Yang Tianzhen, a famous celebrity agent, as its spokespersons, both of whom are highly popular among young people. Searching for “Goofish CV” on the Goofish app will bring up numerous CV templates for users to utilise. Individuals can showcase their idle time, hobbies, experience, skills, and other information on their CVs, and once published, they can wait for potential employers to approach them.

Offline, Goofish has transformed Hangzhou Metro Line 1 into the “Encouragement Bread” train, inspired by the animated film Doraemon’s “Memory Bread”. The “Encouragement Bread” is randomly distributed on the metro train, encouraging people to pursue both their dreams and practical needs, making money from their interests and expertise.

According to the “Young People 2023 Side Hustle Report,” the vast majority of workers have considered “quietly doing a side job to amaze everyone,” and more and more young people feel anxious because they do not have a side hustle. However, research results show that 15.4% of young people did not earn money through side businesses, 67% of young people’s monthly income from side hustles is less than 3,000 RMB (approx. 412.72 USD), and only 12.6% of young people can earn more than 10,000 RMB (approx. 1375.14 USD) per month from side businesses.

By launching the CV function, Goofish meets young people’s demand for side jobs and provides more usage scenarios, embodying the brand concept of “life can have another passage.”

As a well-known second-hand trading platform under Alibaba, Goofish was established in 2014 and has been operating for ten years. It has become the most popular mainstream e-commerce platform among young people, with 162 million monthly users. High-value users with online spending power of more than 2,000 RMB (approx. 275.15 USD) account for 52.7% of Goofish users, significantly higher than the overall level.

Initially, Goofish was positioned to compensate for impulse spending, allowing users to sell idle resources to add income and reduce waste. Nowadays, Goofish is gradually becoming content and community-based, introducing trendy topics and influencers to create a richer content environment, enhance user engagement, and promote transaction activity. Goofish has accurately grasped the consumer psychology of this generation, using initiatives like the side job CV to attract young people to the platform.


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