Alibaba’s workplace messaging platform DingTalk hits 500 million users

Alibaba’s work communication platform DingTalk revealed on Wednesday that its users had increased by 100 million over the past 9 months, reaching over 500 million. What has allowed Alibaba to reach such exciting numbers is the constant effort and development put into this young working platform, founded in 2014.

One of these major innovations was the release of DingTalk 6.0 this January. This latest version integrates customised features based on who the user is – a CEO, HR, accountant or teacher etc. With this information, the platform presents different users pages and functions accordingly, allowing a more customised and personalised experience.

For instance, teachers, when teaching remotely, can assign homework or issue announcements with a simple click on the platform; they are also provided with easy access to students’ grade statistics.

During the pandemic, 7 million teachers and 140 million students in China (half of the student population) were using DingTalk, covering some 140,000 institutions in over 30 provinces.

However, the company’s effort went beyond the school level. To help streamline administrative procedures during the pandemic, DingTalk launched an education management platform for government officials to remotely handle documents and assess school performance. 

Another outstanding feature of DingTalk is that it provides low-code tools to develop new applications tailored for specific institutions. Over 380,000 new low-code applications were developed within three months. Such great digital demand is particularly prominent in schools.

In a primary school located in a less developed area, teachers came up with 50 new apps in a month to make their work more efficient. Although they knew little about programming, those teachers managed to write a new app in as fast as 10 minutes. After this successful experience with DingTalk, this primary school is now providing coding courses to year one students.

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