Alibaba Cloud launches delivery robot and 60g cloud computer

Alibaba Cloud unveiled a series of new products at the 2020 Apsara Conference which took place yesterday (September 17). The company is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group and is focussed on digital technologies.

Its first cloud computer (无影) weighs only 60 grams and has a highly efficient processing system. The device can reduce the rendering time for a single frame high-resolution animation from 90 minutes on a traditional PC to 10 minutes.

Alibaba Cloud also launched its autonomous logistics robot called 小蛮驴 which can carry 50 packages at a time and travel 100 km without being recharged. The robot will be able to deliver up to 500 packages a day to one designated community. 

Alibaba Cloud has invested heavily into the research and development of AI and cloud-computing technologies and their applications. The company recently announced that it will use AI to improve Beijing’s traffic congestion. Alibaba is also leading the way in the development of blockchain technology.


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