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Mark Predmestnykov

Mark Predmestnykov

Mark is a Content Strategist for Qumin and uses his expertise in Chinese culture and social media to build accounts and brands. He previously worked at an events company where he was the creative lead and organised large-scale celebrations, managed artists, created shows and choreographies. Mark also worked for P&G in strategic sales and acted as the Brand Ambassador for Breakletics in China, working with companies including Lululemon, Elle Fit, BFC Fitness.

Mark is Ukrainian but grew up in Germany, he has also lived in Shanghai and Vienna and is now based in London. He is passionate about dance and choreography and enjoys being inspired and inspiring others through creative exchanges. In his current job, he seeks to combine his analytical, business and creative skills to further Qumin’s vision of opening the world to China and opening China to the world.

Mark’s team operate 4 channels and generate a weekly growth of 22-30k followers and 5 million views across them:

Check out Mark on Clubhouse: @mark_u_san