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The world's first Chinese social insights platform for global marketers. Actionable English insights from unstructured Chinese data.

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Measure your followers and engaged fan growth

Track with custom date ranges your growth on China's largest Micro-blog platform, Sina Weibo

Is your content reaching the right Chinese audiences?

Dao Social Monitoring's proprietary reach algorithm gives your organisation a realistic measure of who your content is being exposed to

Actionable English insights without learning Chinese

Using cutting-edge inhouse developments in Machine Learning and Nature Language Processing, Dao extracts meaning from Chinese text. Our tagging solution provides a better 'human' translation than any other machine translation platform, including Google Translate!

Track performance of individual campaigns using Hashtags

Measure success of your campaigns by selecting hashtags related to them, Dao Social Monitoring will show your metrics related to your hashtags posts

Dao Monitoring is an ambitious product for forward thinking companies

See how we can help you to understand and engage with Chinese consumers online, without speaking a word of Chinese.

Turn your Chinese visitors into customers with the world's first comprehensive digital marketing solutions built specifically for the Chinese market.