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Protection for pangolins

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🦔 Pangolins are removed from the list of Traditional Chinese Medicines after becoming first-class protected animals

🌪 Hangzhou authorities launch QR code to help with evacuation and relief during natural disasters

🍺  8.59% YoY drop in revenue for China’s alcohol industry in Q1

🛍 Chinese consumers will continue to drive the luxury market, making up 50% of sales globally by 2025

🤳 First national standards for the livestreaming industry will be introduced in July

🌐  Kuaishou plans to invest 10bn RMB into a “new infrastructure” data centre

👩‍🔬 Construction starts on China’s hydrogen energy push with the “Hydrogen Valley of China”

📱Huawei launches media campaign amid growing protests about their role in developing UK’s 5G networks


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