The Weird and Wonderful from Taobao


As Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I would help you with ideas for presents. Here are my favourites from Taobao!

  1. Ever thought, ‘I wish I had a dispenser for my fizzy drinks? Think no more, for 14.90 RMB this will become a reality!


2. Laying in bed or on the sofa using your smartphone and your arm starts hurting from loss of blood? This clever little device will become a hands free for your phone or tablet to save dead arms!


3. Love playing air guitar but feel something is missing? With this little contraption, you can control the music of which you are playing and not have to follow the track playing in the background!


4. Ever though your taps look too boring? You will after you see this!


5. Need to keep warm this winter? How about this bed that is also a sleeping bag? Also comes in Hello Kitty and minions!


6. Why not grab a turkey leg cushion to go with it?


There are definitely stranger items in the deep dark corners of Taobao, what have you found?

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