Chapter 2: Weibo Top Ten Guide – Planning / Strategy

Planning / Strategy

Now that you have committed to a company or brand presence on Weibo, reflect again on your primary objective. Is your goal to raise brand awareness in this new market or perhaps to tentatively engage and communicate directly with your Chinese consumers for the first time? Having this single-minded goal in mind the next steps are resourcing, research and KPI setting.


The scale of your ambition must be realistic for the resources and budget that you have. Make these work, delivering ROI and you can work for increased resources in the future. First though, let’s not repeat the mistake of 10 years ago when the intern or youngest employee became the default social media person. Your Chinese speaking colleagues may be able to translate and offer some cultural context around what is being said online but they should not be charged with responsibility around tone of voice and content without training, support or agency resource.


In order to best understand your opportunity in the Chinese market, it is crucial to first analyse topics of conversation and content themes that your competitors are sharing with your target consumers. The output of this research step, be it desk research or a commissioned piece will paint a rich picture of demographics, behaviours and interests. Dao’s suite of tools are being developed to make this key stage both effective and efficient.


The final step in your planning phase is setting challenging but informed KPIs (key performance indicators). Calculated, documented and tracked benchmark numbers will empower you to make informed decisions, work in real-time and manage both internal and external stakeholders for accountability, yours and theirs.

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