Chapter 6: Weibo Top Ten Guide – Form and Delivery

Form and Delivery

Weibo allows many different forms of media to be shared: images, music, video, articles. With a 140 character text limit you can say a lot more in Chinese characters than English allows. For users that have more to say you can create long posts, essentially blog articles hosted on weibo, with photos links, videos embedded in them. Emoticons are also heavily used in text and you have 200 of these to choose from if required. Comments on a post are listed below the post, similar to Facebook.

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Once you have planned and created your content strategy you will have to schedule your delivery. It goes without saying you need to take into account the time difference if you’re scheduling from the UK. There are platforms you can use to schedule content, which we will review on the Dao site, but you can also set the post delivery time on Weibo itself.

formanddelivery2-10According to Dao’s analysis, Weibo users are most active on Wednesday and Thursday and in the evenings between 5pm and 11pm. These are also just engagements and it is also advisable to take into account commuting periods where mobile usage is at its heaviest but people may be consuming information ie. Reading news but not necessarily engaging with it. Weibo has actually recognised that more people are using the platform to consume content and have introduced a read metric only visible to the account owner.

In addition to posting messages you can also deliver them directly to fans as a direct message by signing up for fan service on Weibo. This allows you to push messages directly to your users as messages or voice messages directly to peoples inbox and also allows you to customise the menu for them to be able to click through to a domain or have other contact information there.

It is also possible to build ‘light’ apps using Sina Weibo’s API that can offer additional features and functionality for your customers. The complexity required however means that this does require development resources.

While it is possible to monetise your Weibo activity as done by some celebrities and influencers we would like to suggest that this feature is best left untouched. Instead, you might like to access leading opinions on!


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