Chapter 5: Weibo Top Ten Guide – Design/Style


designstyle-07If you have yet to sign up for Weibo or already have an account this section will give you some handy tips as to how to design your page for version 6.0. The four visual components of a weibo page are the logo, banner, background and slideshow. Also note you will have to design the mobile and desktop versions separately.

Profile pictures were formerly square and much like Facebook located at the top left of the page. In the new version they are circles and sit bang in the middle of the top banner with the page description written below. So you might want to check your existing profiles and pages if you already have them. When creating a new banner be aware the graphic now zooms in when you load the page (it’s not your eyes) and also has a dark gradient rising from the bottom of the banner so avoid lighter colours.

Where possible incorporate the background and the banner. This looks really powerful and a lot better than tiled backgrounds. The feed also no longer covers the middle section of the page entirely and the background is visible between posts so this needs to be taken into account.

designstyle2-08However when designing your Weibo page, reflect on what copy, imagery and calls-to-action are aligned with your primary goal and then design accordingly. Be mindful of immediately trying to drive traffic away from Weibo as the platform has threatened to punish this kind of activity by brands. We are following this closely so sign-up to our newsletter will keep you up to date too.

If you do want to use QR codes linking to a site or to WeChat take into account different screens and thus the position of QR codes. Don’t have them too low on the page. Our suggested position is to sit by the personal information on the background to the left hand side of the screen.

The final visual element is the slideshow which appears at the top of your feed. Photos have to fit the landscape sizing and should preferably tie in with the background and banner. If you set one image you can have a fixed graphic and often brands put campaigns, competitions, WeChat handles on there. These images are all clickable and you can send them to a URL of your choice.


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