Chapter 4: Wechat for Business – Why WeChat

Why WeChat?

Why not create an app?

Developing your own mobile app allows you to create a customised platform that can handle complex customer needs. However, this not only takes a longer time to develop, but also incurs significantly higher costs. A presence on WeChat is both easier and cheaper, especially when considering the need to maintain an app across several mobile platforms. Developing a WeChat presence demands less from the user too and therefore is initially advised unless there is a need for complex services interaction.

Should I develop a Weibo presence?

A few years ago all eyes in the west were placed firmly on a twitter like site called Weibo and its ability to reach out to the Chinese consumer. Over the last two years, the rise of WeChat has mirrored the decline in Weibo. Today Weibo is used as a means of passive information consumption; consumers might check the site to follow their favourite brands, celebrities or viral trends. Normally it’s good to maintain a presence on both platforms; WeChat is more conducive of direct engagement, whereas Weibo allows you to regularly broadcast to a larger number.

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