Chapter 3: Wechat for Business – WeChat Advertising

Opportunities for brands on WeChat

Advertising on WeChat

Brands are unable to post adverts in the moments section of the site. However, WeChat is testing a new advertising service which allows registered companies to place advertisements on the corporate accounts of other WeChat pages. This will appear as a text link at the bottom of a company page, providing a link which will take the consumer directly to the advertising site. These adverts can be targeted; advertisers can pick a specific demographic, allowing WeChat to pair ads with the most relevant pages.


WeChat is always mobile. This offers unbridled levels of potential, giving you the ability to constantly share news about your latest products, offers and customer rewards. If customers are subscribed to a brand it’s important that they are provided with regular, fresh content.


Brands have utilised WeChat’s embedded payment infrastructure to sell products within the app. Customers can now pay for in store or online purchases through a companies’ official accounts. Payment functionality has been adopted by a vast number of brands, allowing users to do anything within the one app – from ordering a KFC delivery to buying the season’s latest clothes.


The ‘Chat’ and ‘Walkie Talkie’ functionalities that exist within WeChat can be used to conduct both focus groups and surveys, allowing businesses to reach out and understand their customer base. These features can be used in real time and even at a focused location.

Shareable content

WeChat is now the most popular sharing platform in China. Whilst initially, users used to share content directly with one friend, usage stats show sharing with a wider friendship network on the Moments feed is now preferred. Brands should thus consider developing content which may be shared in this way. Some customers might conduct free brand promotion through sharing their latest experience with your brand on their newsfeed.

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