Take Control of your Brand in China with Baidu’s Brand Zone


Learn how your brand can completely own above the fold on Baidu SERP. This guide outlines the multitude of features available to brands using Baidu Brand Zone.

Introduction to Brand Zone

Baidu’s Brand Zone (百度品牌专区) gives brands and their advertisers the opportunity to customise position number 1 of their SERP (Search Engine Results Page) when a user searches for the brand’s name. This is achieved using a variety of tools and features, including:

  • Embedded images
  • Embedded video
  • Embedded links
  • Creating a slideshows or animated gifs.
  • Introduction text
  • Feature latest news
  • Linking social media

Benefits of Brand Zone

Golden Location on the First Page for Best First Impressions

Brand Zone clients can “own” the space above the fold whenever one of their brand terms is searched on Baidu, providing true brand exposure and ensuring users know your brand long before they make it to your website. Text only search results often scatter a user’s focus, costing businesses the chance to build brand image, which can result in a loss of potential clients before you have even encouraged them onto your owned assets. Brand Zone effectively combines the use of multiple channels to target users and demand their attention.

Brands can also “own” their brand related keywords exclusively. No other Baidu advertiser can use their keywords. Meaning that their competitors can no longer capitalize on their brand equity. Brand Zone campaigns enjoy an average click through rate (CTR) of 50%, compared that to Google’s PPC average CTR of 0.2%.

Building Your Brand Image

The Brand Zone itself is designed to replicate a natural SERP. This together with Baidu’s strong reputation and stringent verification process, Brand Zone will serve to effectively build consumer confidence in your brand.

Shortening the Route of Information Transfer and Facilitate Ease of Sales

Brand Zone delivers key brand information, sourced by internet users, to internet users via the shortest route, minimizing attenuation caused by an increase in the number of routes to information. Brand Zone delivers content through a variety of formats, delivering information in a rich and concentrated manner.

Main Business Communication Channel Allowing Official Messages to Hit Home

Let your business’ official messages hit home. Brand Zone allows you to prioritise the brand message that you want in front of consumers across multiple channels to help maximise its effectiveness.

Standard Brand Zone Styles

Columns & Tables


Columns & Buttons






Advanced Brand Zone Styles

There are 4 categories for ‘Advanced Brand Zone Style’ –

  • Video
  • Picture & text
  • Pure colour
  • Interactive

Video Style

  • Can integrate TV commercials
  • Preferred by advertisers. Links below to provide click through to further information

Video Embedded on Left hand-side


Video Embedded on the Right Hand-side


Picture & Text Style

Multi-tag style:

  • Images displayed with descriptive text for a more direct advertisement
  • Preferred by automotive, cosmetic and IT brands


Image & Text Style

  • Images accompanied by descriptive text and direct links to advertisers websites making this format effective as a sales advertisement
  • Preferred by eCommerce advertisers.



Image Slide Reel Style

  • Slide through a reel of images
  • Suitable for businesses whose advertisements contain multiple images
  • Preferred by FMCG brands


Pure Colour

Colour scheme:

  • Customisable and colourful background accompanied by larger images
  • Preferred by automotive, luxury and high-end cosmetic brands.



Festival Celebration Style

  • Typical Chinese festival imagery and background
  • Preferred for festival sales drive


Interactive Style

Allowing for easier and faster website click through:

  • Large button design for CTA calling for click through to desired destination
  • This is preferred by financial, communication, and online gaming brands


Social Channel Integration

  • You can integrate different Weibo feeds
  • Fulfil brands need of SNS spreading


VIP Style

The VIP style breaks the limits of the aforementioned and existing formats. The customized brand zone achieves higher scores on:

  • Brand/user attraction
  • Presenting brand scale
  • Information reliability
  • Indicating to the user that the brand is well-known
  • Leading users to official website, providing a better user experience
  • Fulfilling the requirements of search and the click-through rate

Case One – Louis Vuitton


Form: Integration of video, image, product and Weibo.

Features: Displaying LV products and brands across all channels.

Case Two – BMW


Form: Pure colour and branded short-cut on right hand side

Features: Brand zone integrates test-drive sign up functionality.

Case Three- Air China


Form: Placing an App in brand zone, creating both a functional purpose as well as serving as a promotional tool.

Features: Hotel booking, order tracking, and campaign participation.

Case Four – Burberry





Form: Integration of image and Weibo

Features: More product details display upon clicking on images.

Case Five – Coca Cola


Form: Integration of video, image and offline campaign

Features: Increasing the reach of the offline campaign by integrating it in to the Brand Zone mix.

If you’re interested in learning more about Baidu Brand Zone or other available Baidu features for your brand in China, then please contact me on ryan@qumin.co.uk.

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