Dine by Dao – Trends Reshaping China’s Consumer Culture – 1 December 2022

Join the world’s leading China Marketing Insight Platform for an invite only event revealing the trends that are shaping the demand of Chinese consumers, and what it means for you as a foreign brand owner.

China has an almost unfathomable population of 1.4 billion, made up of mega cities you’ve never heard of with more people than many first world countries. During a decade of working with clients across the world we recognized the need global marketers had for regular insights on China’s fast-moving consumer market. Socio-cultural macro shifts emanate from local innovators, early adopters and the subcultures they created.

2023 will see a re-emergence of Chinese consumer growth after a challenging 2022. With unrelenting shifts in consumer interests’ brands are finding their feet to build out their marketing approaches to align their products and services to these new paradigms.

This is a must-attend event for brands attempting to understand and reach the ever-changing Chinese consumer as they look to hit 2023 running.

What to expect on the night and why you should attend:

  • The very latest trends, uncovering the cultural, social and digital changes that are revolutionising the future attitudes and habits of Chinese consumers
  • Hear directly from the Dao Insights team and insights professionals
  • Meet other China marketing professionals and exchange ideas on how to best drive your brand’s marketing campaigns
  • Receive real-time feedback from a round table discussion
  • A 5 star Chinese set meal

This event is hosted by Dao Insights part of the Qumin group, an award-winning Chinese creative agency.

Qumin was voted in 2021 as a Top 5 UK digital agency by the Drum – the only Chinese marketing agency in a list of 500 agencies. 

Previous attendees from our events, Dao Insights, and Qumin clients include:

L’Oreal, Cartier, COTY, Chanel, Kering Group, General Mills, P&G, Unilever, Nike, Dalmore, and Sotheby’s

Why should you trust Dao Insights?

At Dao, we empower organizations to prepare for the Chinese market’s cultural and societal shifts to harness change and future-proof their China business.
Marketing is downstream from culture.

Our cultural insight services help our clients to gain a deep understanding of Chinese subcultures, consumer trends, the channels to reach them and tactics to power market growth.

Dao Insights is an online publication within the Qumin Group, pursuing the mission to open the world to China.

Here is the deal 👇

Secure one of less than 30 tickets, turn up with an open mind and empty belly and we take you through:

Around a delicious food-filled round table our experts will share Dao Insight’s top trends affecting China’s ever-evolving consumers giving you the essential tools to prepare you for China 2023. Our insights will be hot off the press at the time of the event but will be focused on the following categories:

  1. Fashion and Retail
  2. Beauty and Cosmetics
  3. Watches and Jewellery

We will examine the people, platforms, and cultures of what makes each category-respective trend a must-know for your business in 2023. We will cover the key signals, proof points, and case studies, answering questions like:

  • What are the key drivers, cultural attitudes, and values that connect to this trend?
  • How mature is this trend and is it evolving differently as it matures as part of mainstream culture?
  • In market, who are the early adopters that are responding to this trend?



Drinks, welcome & opening remarks: Arnold Ma, Founder of Dao Insights (10 mins)


Fashion and Retail: Miranda Yuan, Insight Strategist (20 mins)

  • 1st course


Beauty and Cosmetics: Qing Na, Editor of Dao Insights (20 mins)

  • 2nd course


Watches and Jewellery: Caroline Bridges, Head of Strategy and insights (20 mins)

  • 3rd course


Key learnings & closing remarks:Tom Nixon, Co-Founder of Dao Insights (15 mins)

Dine by Dao Host: 

Arnold Ma, Founder of Dao Insights

Arnold Ma is a speaker, a writer, a podcast host, and the founder and CEO of Qumin, Europe’s first Chinese digital creative agency. The official line is that ‘Qumin delivers creative marketing campaigns based on Chinese audience behaviours’. 

​But over a steamed bun in Camden Town, he’ll tell you that his bigger purpose in life is to ‘Open The World To China,’ and his belief is that only Digital can make that happen quickly. 

You’ll find him on LinkedInTwitter, WeChat, Instagram, Dao Insights, and 9gag. He still wears flip-flops to work. 

Tom Nixon, Co-Founder of Dao Insights

Co-founder of Qumin and DaoInsights.com Tom has overseen award-winning campaigns and delivered insights for the world’s largest western and Chinese brands.

With Dao Insights courses now endorsed by Peking University’s UK campus, Tom and the Dao Insights team are training global brands on Chinese digital marketing.

Through closely working with clients Tencent, WeChat, Weibo and Bytedance Tom has now trained hundreds of marketers around the world on Chinese channels and social commerce strategies.

Cost: £250 Per ticket
Stripe Trust


12:30 to 16.30
China Tang at the Dorchester
£250 Per ticket

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