The Weird and Wonderful from Taobao

As Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I would help you with ideas for presents. Here are my favourites from Taobao! Ever thought, ‘I wish I had a dispenser for my fizzy drinks? Think no more, for 14.90 RMB this will become a reality! 2. Laying in bed or on the sofa using your smartphone […]


Opening Jing Dong Store

  Jing Dong (JD) is one of the biggest e-Commerce companies in China, the rivals of Alibaba’s Tmall. Created in 1998 in Beijing, it was formally known as 360buy and renamed in April 2013. It is the largest B2C online retailer in China by transaction volume with over 500,000 orders a day and over 100 […]


An Overview of Social Commerce in China

Throw back to the time of Chinese New Year, receiving and giving ‘Hongbao’ between Chinese friends via WeChat was the most fashionable holiday greeting. In fact, more than 10,000 billion transactions were generated and about 2 billion people linked their bank accounts on WeChat within just two days, covering 185 countries. However, the biggest winner […]


Why is Alibaba Investing in Snapchat?

It was reported last week that Alibaba Group has invested approximately $200 million in the photo messaging app, Snapchat, as part of a $500 million funding round. As it has not been officially announced, we do not know whether this has happened for sure or not but regardless, it makes you wonder why China’s largest […]


Opening Your Tmall Store Part 1

Why Tmall? Tmall (天猫), Alibaba’s solution to the consumer trust issues that previously held China’s eCommerce industry back, was launched in April 2008. It now houses 70,000 International and Chinese brands within its online ‘mall’ interface. It is China’s and now one of the world’s largest B2C eCommerce platforms. This extraordinary growth is somewhat down […]

1 Comments (天猫) (天猫) is a Chinese website for B2C (Business to Consumer) online retail operated in China by Alibaba Group.  First introduced as Taobao Mall (淘寶商城) launched in April 2008 as a dedicated B2C platform and within its consumer e-commerce website, it launched as Tmall in November 2010 to differentiate itself as it’s sellers are either […]