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Dao Monitoring

The World's first Weibo Social Monitoring product for English speaking marketers

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Who? Where? Why? When?

Key features

  • Follower and "engaged fan" growth
  • Language tagging system
  • Hashtag Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Interest, Geographic & Demographic profiling
  • Exportable Graphs

Followers and engaged fans growth

With custom date ranges to track growth rates of your followers and engaged fans - those that are engaging with your content.



Established social media platforms are increasingly being monetised for advertising. Maximising the exposure of your content is crucial. Through extensive benchmarking Dao’s reach algorithm is a realistic measure of how many people could potentially see your content on their feed.


Language  tagging system

This feature allows posts to be understood without any knowledge of Chinese. Using machine learning, tags are created on each post by extracting and translating keywords in a sentence. Using the power of intuition and industry knowledge piecing together keywords avoids confusing machine translations.


Hashtag Tracking

#Hashtags# are the simplest way to aggregate engagement on a campaign. Cataloguing your posts by hashtag this feature recalculates all of Dao’s profiling metrics accordingly.


Competitor Analysis

In order to measure success you need to have a benchmark. Directly compare yourself against your competitors, growth, fans and post engagement. As we grow our database we will include comprehensive industry benchmarks.


Post engagement

Explore and quantify all of your posts’ likes, comments and shares to get an understanding of which of your content your fan base engages with.

Interest profiling

Map and plan your content strategy against the interest groups of your engaged fans. These interests are defined by the user and can be anything from their profession to their sporting interests.

Geographic profiling

Allowing you to hone in on the geographic locations of your engaged fans to ensure your profile is attracting fans from the right part of China and/or the world.

Any questions?

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Dao tools are built to be used by all stakeholders in an organisation no matter what their position and what language they speak

We are revolutionising social media analytics by marrying cutting-edge text mining, Natural Language Processing (NLP) with big data processing for real-time semantic analysis.

Our technology can extract sentiment, emotion, entities (products, brands, persons, etc.) and topics as well as using a propriety tagging dictionary to translate everything into English.

The technology has been developed on the back of years of research in NLP techniques and industry-standard Business Intelligence tools, adapted for Chinese language to provide the world’s most accurate semantic analysis tools to excel in Chinese social media.

Dao Social Monitoring is built to create a dashboard and reporting suite that pro-grammatically reads social activity, KPIs, acquisition and engagement through the Weibo APIs, calculating their owned media value based on our clients’ own media pricing, tests that value against industry benchmarks, and aggregates a total earned media value for all of your social efforts. It will proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, social marketing efforts are worth, in hard currency.

  • We recognise that measuring the ROI of digital marketing is crucial for digital marketers to justify digital spend on various channels
  • We can see the content, conversations and approaches that resonate with fans, and those that don’t

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