Who is the Latest Big Name to Open a Weibo?


Clue No. 1: Australian American business magnate.

Clue No. 2: First name is Keith and turned 84, this year in March.

Clue No. 3:  Became Managing Director of Australia’s News Limited after he inherited from father in 1952.

Did you guess who it was? It is the one and only, Rupert Murdoch. Currently standing at 80,111 followers, he first starting posting on his account on 20th September 2015 with a total of 5 posts up until today.There are 2 posts written in Chinese talking about his meetings with Chinese President, Xi Jinping and Lei Jun, the founder of XiaoMi. The rest are in English which are updates upon his departure of China. There have been no updates since then.

Rupertmurdoch weibo

As there have only been posts on the day that he opened the account, it looks very likely that he will not be very active on Weibo. His first initial posts appears to have been translated for him, no agency involved. It can be fair to say that he opened it to try and engage with his Chinese audience during this trip but doesn’t look like he will carry on , he is very active on Twitter, joined in December 2011, currently with 625,000 followers mostly tweeting about American politics and Business News.

Will you be following him? Who thinks he will carry on updating?

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