Video Marketing Technologies in China: Smart is New Sexy


Digital video presents a big opportunity for marketers since audiences are always receptive to adverts online. The Chinese online video platforms such as iQiyi and Mango TV have invested hugely on new video marketing technologies beyond those traditional well-known ones like pop-up ads or banners, to push brand messages out in a smarter way.

Video in: Never Too Late for Product Placement

Traditionally, product placement in video has to be decided and placed within a scene before shooting. The ‘video-in’ technology developed by iQiyi, the sales cycle of product placement is the same as the lifetime of the video. This technology allows brand information to be naturally integrated into the scene without reproducing the video and largely increases the flexibility of product placement.

For advertisers, they can now decide whether to embed their ads in the show after they find out the popularity and target customers of the show, largely reducing the uncertainty of marketing investment.

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Video out: Shopping while watching

As audiences watch the video, ‘Video out’ technology can automatically recommend products that are related to the video content (as shown in the red boxes) and lead them directly to the e-commerce platforms. This way, watching video is not only an entertaining method, but also a source of product information for the audiences.




Many Chinese consumers search on Taobao to purchase products that are the same or of similar style to celebrities, called ‘明星同款’ in Chinese. With the technology of video-out, online retailers can leverage the power of celebrities in the show to improve customer’s purchase motivations.

In the Chinese reality show-Fall in love with Supermodel, the Chinese e-commerce platform uses the video-out technology to improve its brand exposure and more importantly lead traffic to its women’s online clothing store. According to the research done by Admaster, 44.1% of the interviewees says they like the whole idea, 38.7% expresses they clicked the links and 28.4% of the interviewees actually purchased the similar style clothes in the show.

Video in and video out services are still not widespread yet. Currently, we only see big names on the ads using these services. These new video marketing technologies definitely provide new thoughts for digital marketing and worth attention.


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