Chapter 4: Weibo Top Ten Guide – Content Themes

Content Themes

What should I talk about?

Social, political, entertainment, gossip and humorous topics are the biggest conversation topics on Chinese social media.

We would recommend having a strong content strategy and editorial team if you wish on touching on the first two points of interest. Humour is also the most successful but it has to strike the right balance between localised and being on-brand. Leverage the power of celebrity. The use of a celebrity is an effective way to drive a huge amount of brand exposure. They can be Chinese or Western.Content theme-05

For most brands we recommend sharing lifestyle content that is not usually available, behind the scenes imagery for example as we did to create buzz for the opening of the Hong Kong Urban Outfitters store. While of course, luxury is the primary territory of high-end fashion brands, do consider broadening your conversation to include more lifestyle topics like music, travel and health that are massive social media topics in and of themselves.

If in doubt or getting stuck, may we suggest you start your planning with a hybrid calendar of Chinese and western holidays and cultural events. From the obvious Chinese New Year to the less well-know Mid-Autumn day and and Singles Day there is an opportunity for you to gain relevance and traction with your lucrative Chinese audience.

Make sure links are pointing to a site that can be loaded smoothly in China with preferably Chinese language on them. You may find when you try to promote them later on you are not adhering to Weibo’s new rules designed to improve user experience.

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