Chapter 4: Weibo Top Ten Guide – Content Formats

Content Formats

Depending on resources you have several options for content creation. If your business is a rich content creator then you may want to look at how much of this is global messaging and what needs to be localised. For global content a good copywriter will be able to translate your messaging with the appropriate tone. Understanding the perception of your product is also crucial as although in the west you may be a couture brand in China all you sell is polo shirts!

For localised editorial the best approach for companies without their own Chinese creative personal is to use an agency do so. They will audit owned, earned, competitor and platform leading content. Once they have this a good content agency will be able to produce localised prose, imagery and video all on brand.

What content should I create?

Given that over half of Weibo user access it via their mobile, the content that you create should be a mix of light, short and easy-to-share content. Refresh content regularly and seek variety to try to maximise both algorithm and engagement rates.

Content must also adhere to the hidden rules of censorship therefore local market knowledge is very important if you want content you’ve spent resources on not being deleted. Dao has included a section in its resource section on blocked Chinese terms.

Imagery works well on most social networks and Weibo is no exception. Weibo 6.0 has fully capitalised on the lack of a dominant photo sharing platform in China and have given their photo app Weibo Album more prominence adding a link to it on the top section alongside the feed and setting tabs. In the new album section, it collates all the images you’ve liked and also allows you to view your pictures. The album section also allows you to discover new photos being shared and ads on the side recommend you accounts to follow and albums you may want to browse as well as hot trending keywords.

When posting photos to Weibo you have many options- you can do so through the Photo Album app or through the desktop platform. You can upload multiple pictures and arrange them in varieties of layouts and even in a collage. Each photo can be liked, shared or commented on separately or you can do so with the whole album. Every photo uploaded is also watermarked automatically by Weibo.

Mix visual imagery up with different colours/ scenes/ collections. Be visual with statistics and create infographics. Where possible upload secondary photos to support the main picture.

Content format 1-03

Where budget allows create video content. If you have pre-existing video- content then subtitles are okay but be aware if people view these on video the subtitles may be hard to read. These can be uploaded directly or by using a link to a video hosted on Chinese video sites such as Youku, Tudou,,, Souhu and Sina blog.

Content format 2-04


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