Chapter 7: Wechat for Business – Important Considerations

Important considerations

It’s important to understand how WeChat can fit into your marketing plan. You should consider it as part of your long term plan, defining key objectives and setting measurable performance indicators. This will allow you to constantly measure, assess and refine the content that you produce, meaning you can adapt your approach as and when it’s needed.

WeChat should not just be seen as ‘another platform’; you should understand how it can play a unique role in helping customers reach and connect with your content. A WeChat marketing campaign is likely to be more successful if you develop new, fresh content that is suited for mobile consumption – merely copying and pasting your content from other social media channels won’t quite work.

Finally, it’s important to give an extensive focus to the user experience given to the consumer within the app. The customisable nature of WeChat sets it apart from other forms of social media; the ability to provide customised and automated menus and content means this should be developed and tested against potential users. Developing tools and content which is impossible to navigate is a waste of time and will leave the user with a poor image of your brand.

Is WeChat right for your business?

WeChat is continuously expanding, proving it’s more than just a mobile-instant-messenger. As it continues to integrate with more platforms, like LinkedIn, its growth is set to continue. A new form of enterprise account has recently been developed, which provides companies with a mobile platform to share knowledge, collaborate on tasks and receive unlimited real time project updates.  Its interface makes it possible to integrate your work with other technical platforms, from printers to payments etc.

WeChat essentially offers you a functional microsite with which you can connect with customers and strengthen your brand image. It’s relatively cheap and easy to establish a presence within the fast moving and hugely popular app.

Developing a WeChat presence will not only reduce communication costs, but it will allow you to create localized contact, allowing you to grow and maintain your core, localised consumer base. By using the app’s full potential you will be able to drive both on and offline sales.

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