Chapter 5: Wechat for Business – Case Studies

Case Studies

Chen Kun: An example of creating a branded environment

Celebrities are often at the forefront of digital media trends in China. Hugely popular actor, Chen Kun has developed a strong, branded WeChat presence which highlights the opportunities existent within the app.  The wallpaper on his WeChat site automatically changes each time it is loaded, showing a different photo of the actor. Aside from photos, users were also given access to songs, voice messages, e-books and even “good night” messages and greetings from the actor. What makes this account revolutionary was a pay platform; super fans could subscribe for 18RMB a month to receive exclusive photos, messages and diary extracts. With over a million fans on WeChat this offered huge amounts of revenue potential; it was reported that 7million RMB was collected on the day the site went live.

Coca Cola: An example of encouraging offline to online interaction

A campaign launched by Coca Cola in the summer of 2014 developed a campaign which utilised WeChat’s features to create a shareable experience for customers. Lyrics of popular songs were placed onto Coca-Cola bottles, in addition to a QR code.  By scanning the code, customers were given free animated musical clips, designed specifically to be shared online. This campaign did more than encourage sale; users engaged in free forms of advertising for the brand, whilst they themselves would need to follow Coke on WeChat to receive the content. This allowed the brand to continuously market to consumers once the campaign had finished.

Lyric Coke bottle

Lyric Coke bottle

Lyric Coke bottle 1. Lyric and song title - You are the most important decision I've made by the artist May Day

China Telecom: An example of offering customer services through WeChat

WeChat allows brands and companies to provide customer service and support through their systems. China Telecom customers in Guangdong province have been given the opportunity to use the firm’s WeChat page to check their balance, top up their phone, contact online customer services and find their nearest branch. This has allowed more time for in-store and telephone representatives, as customers turn to WeChat to answer their enquiries.

 Burberry: An example of brand engagement

Burberry utilised WeChat during the AW2014 catwalk season to create immersive content which directly engaged individuals with the brand. Users were given the opportunity to receive pictures, messages and audio from celebrities at the event, in addition to audio from the designers giving an insight into their work. Burberry has continued to produce shareable and customisable content for its WeChat followers, such as ‘personalised’ perfume bottles.

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