Chapter 2: Wechat for Business – Account Types

Subscription and Service Accounts

WeChat acts as more than a social media tool. It serves as a great platform for both B2B and B2C interaction. Companies are offered two potential platforms to engage; service and subscription accounts.

Service accounts offer greater functionality; location based services are supported, as are in-app applications and automated responses. With the ability to include items in a customisable menu and push external links, service accounts are a great platform to provide users with support and engaging content. However, these accounts only allow information to be pushed to the user four times a month.

Subscription accounts offer less functionality; external links are not supported, nor is a customisable menu. However, auto responses can be programmed, as can applications that are not completely synced to WeChat services. These accounts allow messages to be pushed to the user daily, allowing the customer to regularly engage with your brand’s content.


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