Chapter 6: Wechat for Business – Account Opening

Registering a WeChat account

If you wish to register an official WeChat account for a business or individual there are three potential options available to you depending on your location and situation.

If needed, Dao is able to offer support and guidance in establishing and maintaining a WeChat account, ensuring your brand is able to fully utilise the platform.

Registering an official WeChat account outside of China

Companies based outside of China can submit a proposal to create either a subscription or service account online. This can be done on the official WeChat site by summarising how you intend to use your account.  Some information on your business will need to be provided for your account to be verified. This will include company contact details and some form of documentation – whether that is a business card or a copy of your business registration certificate. Once the account is registered and approved it can be managed online.

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