How to use Digital Marketing to Boost Sales



Digital marketing is widely used as an important marketing tool in China. However, to most brands, they still believe that digital marketing is only suitable for brand shaping and not able to contribute to boost customers’ purchasing behaviour. China has one the world’s largest online communities, it has been changing the way businesses communicate within the market.

How should businesses piggyback on Chinese digital marketing to leverage their sales? Here are some tips which will be described from 6 aspects.

  1. Continuity

The content as well as the quantity of posts per day, week, or month should be in line. In addition, there needs to be analysis on the best time to publish the content per day or week.

  1. Leverage Content Generated by Followers

The content created by followers is deemed an effective advertisement for businesses. Peer recommendation is one of the most trusted and powerful marketing form. Therefore, utilizing wisely the content generated by followers, such as sharing, replying, commenting of followers can facilitate the influence of brand image and reputation.

  1. Emphasizing Visuals

Visuals are more attractive to readers than pure text. According to research, in terms of posts on Weibo, 90% include images. Moreover, an increasing number of posts have started to publish videos. Video, such as behind the scenes, previews of new products to be released, and how-to tutorials, etc. are all good types of content for brands to promote products.

    4. Be short and Concise

The first top 100 posts all have fewer than 100 words. It is true that rich content can appeal readers, but short and concise posts are even more difficult to generate which can add more credibility for impressing readers.

  1. Featuring Products into Posts

If you want to market and sell your products on social media, you must post some specifically designed images of your product for the purpose of increasing the conversion rate as much as you can.

  1. Uses Links to Respond

Great brands reply to questions and comments by links which have richer product and brand information. It also gives readers little chance to misinterpret the information.

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