Social media and web searches play a far greater role in personal and commercial life in China than elsewhere, that is matched by a digital generation that demands constant innovation and technical development from platform owners.

Yet western digital marketers struggle to successfully cross over onto Chinese social media marketing using replicated processes intended for the Western market. The fact that there are very few opportunities to learn and improve on Chinese digital practice, coupled with a lack of efficient monitoring and analytics tools through which marketers can evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and adjust activity makes it just that much harder for brands and marketers to truly connect and communicate within the Chinese digital sphere.

Thus the creation of Dao to eradicate the stigma of a culture and content barrier. Dao is Introduced to aid brands and marketers alike seeking to learn and improve Chinese digital practices without having to leave their country nor master the Chinese language.

Dao – in Mandarin meaning direction, path or all knowing was birthed to facilitate as a not for profit community led by leading Chinese digital marketing authorities, that will enable learning through best practice, case studies, channel resources, research, white papers and collaborative problem solving that includes events, an online forum and a Q&A facility. Such is the sole and main aim of Dao. the modern day, digital equivalent of a superhero has now arrived to assist brands and marketers demystify all myths relating to Chinese social and digital media.