How to Use Chinese KOLs and Influencers

A key tool in any Chinese marketer’s arsenal has to be “Key Opinion Leaders”, or influencers as they’re more commonly known in the West. KOLs are widely used on Weibo and WeChat and are especially important for brands who are new to the Chinese market. Chinese KOLs are people who have large social media followings and […]


QR Codes in China and How They Can Integrate with Social Media

Despite the huge potential in marketing, social networking and payments that QR codes offer, they remain largely unpopular and underused in the West. Yet, in China not only is QR code technology already well built into most mobile user’s phones but it’s also widely used. One simple reason why QR codes are so popular is […]


The 3 Golden Rules of WeChat Marketing

Despite the comparisons between WeChat and Facebook, or WeChat and WhatsApp (yes, guilty as charged), WeChat has no close Western equivalent, and so the way brands can reach new customers and interact with existing customers thus require a fresh approach. Of course, key marketing principles apply as much they do as for print, television or PR, but […]


7 Lessons WeChat Can Teach WhatsApp

With the Internet in a flutter over this week’s news that WhatsApp is to begin rolling out voice calling to all users, and Facebook Messenger has launched a stand-alone web application, WeChat loyalists stand on the sidelines wondering smugly which WeChat feature will next make a belated debut to Western messaging platforms. While neither of these features were particularly ground-breaking or unique to […]


Top 4 Myths Surrounding WeChat’s New Advertising Platform

Anyone involved in Chinese digital will have noticed the recent excitement surrounding WeChat’s new advertising platform which went live on Thursday, 22 January. As the programme is still in beta and has been limited to just a few companies, there has been a fair amount of misinformation floating around, not helped of course by the lack of official […]


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